some new work that i can show.
here is a silly portrait of bret i illustrated for his birthday

w.i.p of commissioned pastel portrait 


finished portrait 

commissioned chibi drawing

"Illustrationism" Grad Show 2012

hard to believe its been a week since the show...

all of my fellow graduates are marvelously talented and you can see for yourself if you click on the link ~> link

pics taken by: bret and lynn

Some Recent Work

page 1 piece for 'narrative' class. i chose the poem 'if you forget me' by pablo neruda to illustrate for this assignment.

here is a silly illustration of o'malley enjoying a summer treat for my calendar assignment.

and here is a page out of my sketchbook of a boy sleeping :)


here are acouple of ink pieces that i am satisfied with. first image is for my thesis project and the second was an assignment for my 'words and image' class. we were given a song title as a basis for our exploration to create an album cover (i should note that we also had to replace the artist/bands name with our own). i was given 'i put a spell on you' by nina simone.